LAHORE – Ruling party of Punjab should raise voice for the issues of ordinary people of Balochistan instead of entertaining few Sardars who have no political significance even in their claimed seats of power, eminent Baloch leader Rauf Sasoli said.

He expressed these views while talking to the media on Saturday at Mirani Dam affectees camp set up by Joint Action Committee for People’s Rights in front of the Wapda House.

Sasoli said that the affectees’ camp was in place for the last four days but no member of the treasury or opposition from Punjab had visited them to express solidarity against the injustice of Wapda’s engineers’ wrong demarcation of the residential areas fall in the dam’s site.

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He said that the affectees had warned against the technical faults and some wrong mapping of the location in the beginning. However the Wapda engineers and other officials had assured the locals that no damages would occur and instead the project would help irrigating 33200 acres of land.

Baloch leader said that they also assured that only 1100 hundred residents in the dam area would be affected and they would be accommodated properly and given new lands to resettle.

He however added that union councils of Nasirabad and Naudaraz disappeared from Balochistan’s map when Mirani Dam lake opened for the first time in June 26, 2007.

Sasoli demanded immediate action against the responsible of the Wapda, besides compensation to the affectees and their resettlement.