ISLAMABAD  - A court Saturday remanded family members of Osama bin Laden including his Yemeni wife in judicial custody for nine days, their lawyer said.

Bin Laden’s youngest wife Amal Abdulfattah was with him in a compound in Abbottabad when he was killed in a US Navy SEALs’ operation last year. An official said the judge has allowed authorities to hold three widows of Osama bin Laden in custody for another 10 days, pending their trial for living in the country without valid documents. The women had been living there with eight of their children and three employees.

“The judge sent Abdulfattah along with her five children to judicial remand until March 26 after a preliminary hearing,” Muhammad Aamir, who is going to represent Abdulfattah in the case, told AFP. He said Abdulfattah’s brother, Zakarya Ahmad Abd Al-Fattah had hired him to represent his sister and her children in the case.

“I will file a power of attorney on behalf of my client, Abd Al-Fattah in the court on Monday to represent Abdulfattah in the case,” Aamir said.

He added that he will also seek access to Amal Abdulfattah, who has been in Pakistani custody since May last year and to the copy of the First Investigation Report filed against her. “I will also pray to the judge to allow Amal’s brother to see her before the next hearing on March 26”.

According to the official, the judge on Saturday told the women that he was allowing the authorities to hold them in custody till March 26.