The latest case with the Supreme Court is about the distribution of Rs 1.48 billions to various politicians/political parties by the former ISI Chief through Mr Younis Habib, the ex-chief of Mehran Bank (hearing the petition filed by Air Marshal Ashgar Khan). In various talk shows on the TV, the common question is how a clerk of a Bank who is simple Intermediate rose to the highest post i.e the president of Mehran Bank? It is definitely a big credit for an intermediate pass person to rise to the top position through his sheer hard work (may not be a professional effort). We have many more such examples in our beloved country where merit or no merit people have risen to top and on most lucrative appointments like ministers, ambassadors, MDs Chairpersons etc. But the billion dollar question remains how these unqualified people after reaching the top made properties worth billions of rupees and huge bank balances both in Pakistan and in foreign countries. In other words this offers the classic example of persons with humble background to the elite class i.e from rags to riches.

In the recent history, we see a person who was recruited as clerk in our FIA and now holding the appointment of Interior minister. On his website, he is PhD in criminology plus an honourary PhD with a Master degree. Hats off to him for doing an excellent work for the country and holding solution to all national problems. He is seen in every meeting chaired by either President or the PM. Then we had Adnan Khawaja being matriculate as MD of OGDC. Similarly we had the infamous DG Hajj affairs with dubious background i.e had been manager of a night club perhaps. One can narrate numerous such examples in this land of the pure where people have reached top positions with right connections without any merit. However, President Asif Ali Zardari with no worth while educational qualification has been elected rightfully as head of the state by our legislators (some with fake degrees). He has cleared all corruption cases against him. But can he justify his accumulated wealth both in the country and abroad which can be seen on the internet? Where there are over two dozens commissions formed by the government to enquire into various cases, I suggest one more commission should be constituted to find out the sources of income of all such people who have built empires and huge bank balances while in power.

Our all main institutions like Railways, PIA, Steel Mills, WAPDA are running in loss for the only reason that we have incompetent and political appointees at top levels. How can we expect progress in this country where we find square pegs in round holes every where? The competent and able people are either leaving the country or are on job hunting with their high profile CVs.


Lahore, March 15.