OKARA/RENALA KHURD - PPP leader Senator Aitzaz Ahsan has said the government will complete its constitutional tenure.

“The Media and some politicians after one year of the PPP government had started giving dates for the end of the government,” he said while talking to the media at the residence of party leader Chaudhry Saleem.

“They should keep in their mind that the assemblies of three provinces are in favour of the prime minister and resolutions can be passed in favour of PM Yousuf Raza Gilani.”

The leader said that there were three possibilities to send the PM home.

“Firstly,” he explained, “if the PM tenders his resignation which he will not do. Secondly, if a successful no-confidence motion is lodged against him but the coalition parties are with him. Thirdly, his membership from the National Assembly is finished.”

He said that Okara was going to become a modern city soon.

He said he the PPP government was bearing the brunt of flawed policies of the Musharraf era, adding that the upcoming federal budget would be people-friendly. He also laid the foundation stone of the Benazir Avenue and Benazir Tram.

He disclosed that he had cancelled a meeting with the prime minister to attend the Okara meeting. He said that due to war on terror, the economy of the world has been destroyed. Therefore, he added, price hike is a universal issue.

Earlier, he was accorded warm welcome by PPP leaders Ashraf Khan Sohna, Chaudhry Mohammad Arif, Chaudhay Sajjadul Hussan along with activists.