Pakistan Foreign Office Spokesperson Abdul Basit has stated that apart from going to the UN against the drone attacks, the country has several other options. There is no denying his contention that these attacks are illegal and must be stopped. However, there is an impression that they have been happening with the government’s consent, though it keeps expressing its discontent to dispel the perception that it is in cahoots with the US. Parliament’s unanimous resolution calling for preventing such aggression by all means necessary is not being put into effect, nor is our Air Chief's claim that the country’s air force has the capability to shoot down the drones seen as any more than empty rhetoric. There is besides tremendous resentment amongst the tribesmen against the collateral damage, not to mention the backlash in the form of terrorist attacks in the country. Under the circumstances, it is doubtful whether the country would go to the UN for arbitration. The only way to make the US end these attacks may be to start bringing them down. It must not be forgotten that such strikes are also making the search of a negotiated settlement in the tribal areas more problematic. While it is itself busy in talk with Taliban, the US is loath to see Islamabad doing so.