LAHORE - Anjuman-e-Tajiran Lahore, the apex body of traders in city, has decided to conduct elections next month, while the final date of polls will be announced by April 15.

The traders’ body has released its new constitution while an 18-member organizing committee has also been constituted, besides appointing the central general secretary of the All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajiran, as a chief organizer of the body.

In a statement issued here on Saturday, the newly-appointed chief organizer Naeem Mir said that the Anjuman-e-Tajiran Lahore has started the re-structuring of the traders’ apex body and in this regard a constitution, consisting of 22 articles, has been finalized.

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While pointing out the salient components of the newly-outlined constitution, Naeem Mir said that, as per the constitution, the traders body will choose three fellows from each market or shopping plaza, who will work as members of the Anjuman-e-Tajiran Lahore. The members will consist of one president, one general secretary and one chairman from each bazaar or market, he added.

He said that election will be conducted to choose the new leadership of Anjuman-e-Tajiran Lahore and the elected office-bearers will lead the traders’ body and play their role to resolve the issues of business community.

He said that it would be the duty of the new leadership to safeguard the interests of the whole traders’ community, setting aside all political affiliations.

The chief organizer said that the whole process of reorganization of traders apex body will be completed by March 30 while the date of election will be announced by the mid of next month.

Highlighting the major issues of traders, Naeem Mir criticized the government for up to 10-hour scheduled and unscheduled power cuts in Lahore. He demanded an early solution to energy shortage through equal distribution to all feeders without any discrimination.

He also criticized NEPRA for notifying another increase in electricity prices saying that it would prove last nail in the coffin as both the trade and industry were already suffering due to huge increase in electricity prices in the last five months.

He said that all the power distribution companies should be directed to determine their respective electricity tariff on basis of line losses. For instance, if the line losses in one DISCO are bigger than the other the power tariff in that particular DISCO should more than the other.

He said business community was surprised that instead of taking measures to control line losses and enhance cheap power generation up to capacity, the policies are being evolved to add to the miseries of the business-doing people.

Highlighting the major issues of traders, Naeem Mir criticized the FBR for introducing D Farm in tax returns. He questioned the Federal Board of Revenue the logic behind the decision under which every trader will have to submit all details of his households, vehicles and the number of children.

He said that traders have decided to launch a joint agitation against the implementation of this SRO on 20th of this month in front of parliament in Islamabad. He said the business community considers this move as unjustified and illogical because it would not do any service to the FBR rather it would further tighten noose around the registered tax payers only.