The Mohajir Qaumi Movement (haqiqi) and Awami National Party on Sunday announced to rid Karachi of the menace of weapons by taking all other political and religious parties on board. The decision was taken during a meeting of MQM (H) chairman aAfaq Ahmed and Zahid Khan spokesman of ANP and ANP Sindh chapter president Shahi Syed here in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa House. Both sides took stock of Karachi situation and observed that peace in the area had been taken hostage by a single party. They resolved that confidence of the investors could be restored only if Karachi was made free from all kinds of weapons. Shahid Syed, on the occasion, dispelled any rifts among the Urdu and Pashtu speaking communities and said that they were fighting against a particular mafia group and denounced elements creating linguistic divide. The MQM was heading the same mafia who had also threatened the journalistic community for bringing forth facts over the situation. He demanded that military cooperation should be sought for preparation of census and electoral lists.