It is shameful that Pakistan’s judicial commission was stopped from interrogating main suspects of the Mumbai attacks. When the Pakistani team insisted that it be given the chance, Indian officials angrily replied that the judicial team had no such mandate. This only lends credibility to the perception that the proceedings as well as investigations being carried out are a farce meant to show to the world that the Mumbai attacks were sponsored by Pakistan. In fact it was not surprising that the Indians seemed very much worried about the Pakistani judicial commission cross questioning Kasab, enabling it to understand how the case was fabricated. The Pakistani commission not allowed even to Kabsab. We already know that Kasab has been tortured to confess that he was supported by Lasher-i-Taiba and that there were nine others with him. With this uncompromising attitude, the Indians have exposed themselves. On the one hand, New Delhi keeps complaining that Pakistan is not cooperating with it in the investigations, but on the other it is itself not willing to even work with our team let alone share forensic details. It must either stop accusing Islamabad of the attacks or let our judicial team question the suspects to know the truth.