LAHORE – TheNation Editor-in-Chief and Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust Chairman Majid Nizami has urged the teachers to inform the students about sacrifices of the Muslims of the Subcontinent for the creation of Pakistan.

Addressing the teachers at Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehrik-e-Pakistan here on Saturday, he stressed that the youth should also be told about the mentality of the Hindus that they had not accepted Pakistan as an independent country and had been constantly hatching conspiracies against it.

On-training Assistant Education Officers (AEOs) were at Aiwan to attend an Ideological Training Workshop, which was jointly organised by the NPT and Punjab Education Department.

NPT Vice-Chairman Professor Dr Rafique Ahmed, Mian Farooq Altaf, Dr Sarfraz Hussain Mirza, Shahid Rasheed and Rafaqat Riaz also addressed on the occasion.

Welcoming the participants of the workshop, Mr Nizami asked them to train the youth in a manner that they could face the future challenges. He demanded the Punjab Chief Minister to include Pakistan Movement and Two-Nation Theory in the education curriculum. He appreciated Shahbaz Sharif for providing buses to NPT which, he added, were being used for Pakistan awareness programmes. Remembering the days of Pakistan Movement, he told them that he and Dr Rafique were certified Mujahids and were awarded honorary souvenirs for participating in Pakistan Movement. Hindus and Muslims were not united before the partition and they would never be united in future as well, he held. He told the students about the hostilities of the enemies of Pakistan.

The basis of Pakistan was Two-Nation Theory and Muslims were bestowed with the leaders like Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Muhammad Iqbal to lead them for the creation of a separate state, he said. He also informed them about the domination of Hindus in every sphere of life and how the Muslims at that time were neglected in every field. It was due to the establishment of Pakistan that we live freely here, he said, adding that though poverty still hitting the people of Pakistan, freedom is blessing whereas slavery is a curse.  “Today, Pakistan is an atomic power and we are thankful to Zulfiqar Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif for making the country an atomic power,” he said, adding that the strategic weapons were the guarantee of Pakistan’s security.

Dr Rafique said the purpose to organise the workshop was to inform the teachers about Pakistan Ideology. Being a nation, he said, we were facing multisided problems but the solution to these problems lies in unity and following of Pakistan ideology, he added. He said the country had been bestowed with rich natural resources and it was the need of the hour to utilise these gifts of God for the benefit of Pakistan, he added. Teachers also visited the Pakistan Movement pictures galley.