Whether you are a PM or a peon if you stir up a hornet's nest, you can not escape the powerful sting of the wasps. Our prime minister is certainly playing with constitution of the country and may well be bitten by the law very severely. While addressing the PhD students at the Bahawalpur University, the Prime Minister said that he won't write the letter to Swiss authorities against President Zardari for reopening of the cases about illegally grabbed amount of money surreptitiously put in the Swiss banks. According to him, he will be culpable of violating the constitution if he writes the said letter which carries death penalty as per Article 6 of the Constitution of Pakistan. Rather he would prefer to do a six-month stint in jail for the offence of committing contempt of court. The Supreme Court has become an object of ridicule in the eyes of Mr. Gilani. Contempt of court is the crime of refusing to obey an order made by a court but Mr. Gilanai is going a step ahead by ridiculing the court and making its fun publicly of the venerable Supreme Court. There must be some sterner punishment for ridiculing the apex court as the contempt of court carries only a six months incarceration. Ironically speaking, even if Mr. Gilani is given death sentence, his boss, the President has constitutional powers to commute his punishment and may also pardon him. There is nothing to be afraid of then, Mr. PM. Nothing can cast shadow on your euphoria of power as the premier of Pakistan.  MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA,  Wah Cantt, March 16.