RAHIM YAR KHAN - Six people, including a boy, died after falling into a manhole near their residence in Khadali Basti Allah Bukhsh, Khairpur, on Saturday.

Naveed, 15, lost his senses due to poisonous gases accumulated in the gutter. His father, namely Usman, and four relatives rushed to help him but they themselves fell prey to the poisonous gases. The dead included Naveed, Usman, Saif, Asif, Irfan, Rizwan and Imran Ali. The bodies and an injured, Asif, were ferried to the Shaikh Zayed Hospital.

Heirs of the deceased fainted after hearing about the unfortunate deaths. They staged a protest against the TMA for not providing them proper sanitation. They demanded an inquiry against those TMA officers responsible.

DCO Ahmed Javed Qazi, TMO Arshad Warraich and other district officials also visited the hospital.