LAHORE  - Various law-enforcing, security and intelligence agencies are scrambling to complete the groundwork to establish NACTA, a pivotal agency to counter terrorism and extremism in the country.

Official sources say that any further delay in the enforcement of national internal security apparatus would badly damage the efforts to control violence.

Well-informed sources said that the federal government conveyed to the all organisations to furnish information of intelligence value as required by NACTA (National Counter Terrorism Authority) and clearly outline and peruse a roadmap in support of NISP within 30 days.

A senior officer said that the Punjab police recommended the rapid response force under the counterterrorism branch of police departments. It will be the replica of the establishment of elite police units in Punjab in the 1990s to combat sectarianism. “The provincial hierarchy is all set to enroll 1500 personnel under the police chief,” he said.

The immediate enforcement of National Counter Terrorism Authority will help ensure foolproof security for the public especially covering the aspects and measures to eradicate extremism and terrorism from the country.

Security experts say the govt must make NACTA operational before the possible military operation in the northwest to control the backlash.