Karachi- Hepatitis disease is spreading fast in Pakistan and posing a serious threats to health and lives of citizens, said speakers of a seminar today.

The seminar was organized by the The Health Foundation at PMA House of Pakistan Medical  Association (PMA). The speakers said hepatitis B & C are easily transferable during unsafe blood donations. They said in many cases the infected people look normal and healthy but his or her proper diagnosis and treatment is necessary to prevent the disease from further spreading.

Dr Kashif of The Health Foundation said in Pakistan every twelfth person is affected by hepatitis B & C. In Pakistan hepatitis vaccination costs almost Rs1050 rupees and not everyone can afford this treatment. The concerned department & different NGOs are working in different areas  for raise awareness about the hepatitis.Dr Shahid said in pregnancy if a mother suffers from hepatitis her babies may get easily infected from this disease.He stressed the need to make different strategies for prevention from this disease, mostly creating awareness amongst masses.