LOS ANGLES -Brendan Fraser has said he had no idea that The Mummy would be such a big hit when he first shot the action film.

The actor starred in all three movies in The Mummy franchise, but said he wasn't sure when they first started making them that it would go beyond one instalment. He said of his role as Rick O'Connell: "I liked playing that character.  It came at a really happy time in my life, I was strong and fit enough and we all really had the want to be there."

Brendan revealed his co-star Rachel Weisz had also had early doubts: "When we made the first one I can remember Rachel saying, 'Oh no, they'll confiscate our Equity Cards.' I was Brendan 'Leave No Piece Of Scenery Unchewed' Fraser. We had no idea what it was going to do, you just have a run at it, hope for the best."

He said of sequels: "They turn out to be hits and they get done and done and done, as Tina Fey said at the Golden Globes 'until you hate them'. Then they wait a few years and do something called a reboot, which I hear they're doing with The Mummy."

Brendan said he hadn't been contacted about a rumoured Mummy reboot, but was happy for one to go ahead.

Asked if he'd like to be involved, he said: "They have my number, I'm standing by, but I think this is probably one for the kiddies.

"I think a generation has gone by, which makes me feel old, but there's a whole generation of moviegoers now who probably consider the version of The Mummy that I was involved with as being an 'old movie'."

On how it would be to see someone else as Rick, he said: "It'll be interesting but I don't even know if Rick will be back - they could adapt different characters, create new ones, I really know nothing about the project.

"I wish it the best, I'm definitely going to be in line on opening day. It's flattering."

Brendan can be heard voicing a character in the animated adventure Escape From Planet Earth, in cinemas now.