Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) Ameer Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has said that Pakistan is an Islamic ideological state and the enemies of Islam want to destabilize it through organized terrorism.

Addressing a gathering of Jamaatud Dawa  workers here on Monday, he added that India wanted to deliver as much harm to Pakistan as it could and it hatched a series of conspiracies.

He said that the sectarian rifts were being created in the country to divert the attention of nation from real issues. He said that Pakistan was created on the slogan of Kalma but the new generation was oblivious to this fact. He said that the Jamaatud Dawa  launched a nationwide drive for the revival of ideology of Pakistan and it was going to hold historic Nazariya-e-Pakistan March across the country on March 23.

He regretted that the majority of the countries were under the rule of enemies of Islam and Muslims, who created rift among Muslims under a vicious conspiracy. “We need to awaken the nation and make it aware of the conspiracies of the enemy.  That’s why the Jamaatud Dawa  has launched this movement,” he explained.

He demanded the federal and provincial governments to take immediate steps for resolving Thar famine issue on permanent basis. He added that the Jamaatud Dawa  workers were doing welfare work in the Thar area even before drought and famine. “Our workers are working on dozens of public welfare projects in Thar area,” he added.

Speaking on the occasion, central leader of Jamaatud Dawa  Hafiz Abdul Rehman Makki said that foreign elements promoted hopelessness in our society through terrorism. He said that the Muslims needed to revive the unity and passion they exhibited during Pakistan movement.

15 MILLION SAPLINGS TO BE PLANTED: Over 15 million new saplings will be planted in Multan with the financial cooperation of Paraguay and Canadian embassies during ongoing spring plantation drive. This was disclosed by Punjab Prisons Minister Ch Abdul Waheed Arrain here on Monday.

He told the journalists that the embassies had sought formal plan for plantation within one week and its execution would begin immediately. He hoped that the plantation would not only turn the city green but also pollution free.

He disclosed that the ambassador of Paraguay to Pakistan was a native of Multan and he wanted to serve his soil. He added that the plan would be emailed to the embassy of Paraguay within next two days and all district departments would be taken on board to make this project successful.