Lahore-The dynamic duo of Rup Magon and Qurram Hussain have done it again, with a stunning new track designed to take the music world by storm. The new song, "Dil Mein Chumke" is their latest foray into the world of dreams and possibilities, featuring the improbable love between a diva and a lowly spot boy, and explores how love can unfold in the most unlikely of places. The video was filmed in the city of Lahore.

In addition to the singing prowess on of Rup and Q, the song also features vocals by the incredibly talented Keerat Kaur. Prominent musicians Omran Shafique on the guitar, and Safwan Javed on drums also lend their considerable talent to create a unique, intimate feel of this track. Directed by industry veteran Adnan Kandhar, the new video showcases drama superstars Ushna Shah, who just debuted her serial "Bashar Momin" on Geo Entertainment, as well as Shahroz Sabzwari, son of legendary Pakistani actor, Behroz Subzwari.

Already a huge sensation with their rabid fan base around the globe, JoSH's new single is all set to create a frenzy among its contemporaries. 

Here are quotes from Rup Magon, Qurram Hussain, Ushna Shah, and Shahroz Sabzwari

Rup Magon: “Dil Mein Chumke has quickly become one of my favorites.  The song has taken an amazing journey from conception to completion.  It was my first time being the executive producer on our own video, so this one is special to me.   This was truly an international effort: we composed the track in Toronto, recorded the vocals in Montreal & Lahore, recorded guitars in Toronto & Karachi, shot and edited the video in Lahore & Malaysia, and got it mastered in London!  Good or bad, I can’t wait for the public’s reaction!”

 Qurram Hussain: “I am excited to share this creation with the world.  After a long time, we went back to a fully live recording.  All guitars, bass, and drums were recorded live!  We have been working on “Dil Mein Chumke” for quite some time now and in this video, I have tried a brand new look!  Im eager to hear the feedback from our amazing fans!”

Ushna Shah: “Working with JoSH was surreal.  I was surprised to see how hands-on they were with every detail of the videe from shots to costumes.  Their creativity goes beyond just their music.  Rup and Q are extremely humble.  They made us feel very comfortable, Shahroz and I had to remind ourselves that we were in the video of one of our all-time favorite bands.  It’s worth mentioning that their humor had us in fits throughout; the set was so much fun! Time literally flew.”

Shahroz Sabzwari: “Traveling to Lahore thinking what these JoSH dudes are actually going to be like was nerve wrecking and bloody exciting as I was already one of their biggest fans.  But as soon as the first pre-shoot meeting was held in JoSH’s hotel room, all the pounding nerves were put at ease as I met the two most humble and professional rockstars.  And from then on, it was pure bliss.  28-hr shoot and not a single moment anyone could catch a frown on my forehead.  Thank you JoSH for this wonderful experience.”