LAHORE  - Jamaat-e-Islami chief Syed Munawar Hasan has said that country’s economy cannot be improved through jugglery of figures as the masses need supply of essentials of life on reduced rates.

The common man’s problems could be not cut down by the rise or the fall of the dollar price or the increase in the foreign exchange reserves. The masses would be convinced of the growth of the country’s economy only when they would get flour, sugar, ghee, and pulses on lower prices, he said at a meeting with the Secretary of the JI standing committee on economy, former Member FBR Sarfraz Ahmed Khan, at Mansoora on Monday.

The JI chief said that price spiral, unemployment, poverty and lawlessness were the outcome of economic deterioration but the government was not interested in controlling them.

He said if the rulers wanted to provide relief to the masses, they should secure interest-free loans from the Islamic countries and develop country’s industry and agriculture. As long as the country’s economy was dependent on the IMF and World Bank, there could not be any economic revolution, he added. 

He said in order to put the country’s economy on correct lines, the prime minister should get rid of the IMF and World Bank, weed out corruption and adopt the path of self reliance. He said the economy could not be improved through borrowings or loans adding that one and a half billion dollars loan from Saudi Arabia had not helped in lowering the price level even for a penny and the plight of the man in the street remained unchanged.

He pointed out that the government had raised the electricity tariff by Rs 2.25 per unit while Sui Southern and Sui Northern had moved for 24 and 47 per cent increase in the gas prices. He said the interest was the root cause of the price spiral and inflation but the rulers were not interested in switching over to interest-free economy.