LOS ANGELES-Katy Perry has reportedly splashed out over £300,000 on electric cars for all her assistants so they can be green when they travel. The Dark Horse star was apparently worried about all the damage driving around running her errands was doing to the environment, and so has bought five eco-friendly cars for her team.

A source told the Daily Star: "They are completely electric and top of the range in car luxury but she hates the smog in the air in LA. "In total she spent over half a million dollars on the cars and now her conscience is clean."

Eco warrior Katy has released a deluxe version of her new album Prism which contains a packet of flower seeds for fans to grow so they can "spread the light".

But the album sparked a potential biohazard warning in Australia, as the Department of Agriculture said international versions of the CD bought online could pose a risk because they may not contain seeds native to the country.