With days passing, the issue of enforced disappearances becoming more and more serious which is not only adding fuel into the fire of insurgency, increasing disappointment and mistrust of relatives of missing persons and creating a bad image of the country in the world community but also it is a question mark on the credibility of state laws.

 It is clear from ground realties and by the evidence presented before the apex court , that they are abducted and subsequently their mutilated bodies are discarded. Why are illegal tactics being used to curb the insurgency? Is rebellion not a crime as per the statutes of the state or is there no judicial mechanism to try one who is involved in crimes against the state?

 Inflicting extra judicial and barbaric punishments proved that so-called patriots have no confidence on the judicial process of the country and they consider themselves superior to the state’s authorities.

It is source of embarrassment that the democratic government is paying no heed on the orders of the apex court and become paralyzed to prevent the violation of article 10A of constitution “Right to fair trial” and crime against humanity.

The Government must take measures to prevent a kill and dump policy. Insurgency can only be defeated by making the justice system effective and ensuring the law of the land.


Balochistan, March 11.