ISLAMABAD : To enhance the purchasing power of the poor people of Tharparkar Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif has decided to give cash grant to the famine-hit families for the next six months. Under the plan some 78,000 people registered with the government under the Benazir Income Support Programme would benefit from this special cash grant for the next six months mainly aimed at enhancing the purchasing power of the poorest of the poor people in the famine-hit areas of Tharparkar.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office said that though NGOs, relief agencies and provincial government were extending all help to the people in the affected areas, the cash grant would greatly help the people get out of the quagmire of vicious circle of poverty and malnutrition.

It was further decided that initially people listed with Benazir Bhutto Income Support Programme would get benefit from the scheme and they would be provide three times the amount they were already getting under the programme.

The spokesman further said that Premier Sharif wanted complete transparency in disbursement of cash compensation to Thar victims.