LAHORE - Punjab Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah on Monday told Punjab Assembly that police was preparing for a search operation in the tribal belt of DG Khan to apprehend a notorious criminal who had become a symbol of terror in the area.

Responding to a call attention notice by PML-N legislator, Sardar Jamal Khan Leghari, the minister said that Ghulam Hussain Zingani was involved in heinous crimes of different nature and hiding in Tamman Khosa tribal belt of DG Khan.

The minister did not agree with the contention of Leghari Sardar that the said accused had abducted some 20 women from different areas for ransom. The police, he added, did not receive any such complaint against the criminal at any police station.

Jamal Leghari, however, insisted that 20 women were in his custody. To support his point, he said that a member of a chamber of commerce had recently visited the area to get his vehicle back and heard cries of women there.

Upon this, Rana told the Chair that he had personally talked to the person who confirmed that he had not seen the women at that place. The Minister assured the House that Punjab police would conduct raid in the tribal area to arrest the criminal.

Earlier, the minister briefed the Assembly about the latest position about Muzaffargarh incident. He told the House that a high-level committee headed by an AIG was investigating the matter. He lambasted the police hierarchy for what he called gross criminal negligence shown in the case of the ill-fated girl who set herself ablaze and died to protest against police apathy.

The Opposition was not satisfied with law minister’s statement and sought Chair’s permission to bring some more facts before the House. But, in the meanwhile, a call for prayer was heard and the deputy speaker adjourned the sitting for 20 minutes.

The sitting resumed after over half an hour, and when the Opposition Leader Mahmoodur Rashid was about to speak, Ahmad Dareshak, a legislator belonging to his own party (PTI) pointed out lack of quorum. Rashid was visibly perturbed over this and felt embarrassed before the Treasury which enjoyed the situation. The deputy speaker ordered ringing of bells to bring the members back to the House, but most of them had already reached their homes by that time. The Chair adjourned the House till Tuesday (10 am) as the quorum was found to be incomplete after the count.