KARACHI - Senator Mir Hasil Khan Bizanjo, central president of National Party, which leads the ruling coalition in Balochistan, on Monday held the PPP’s Sindh government responsible for lawlessness and terrorism in Lyari area.

He said instead of initiating the development works for the City’s oldest area, the Sindh’s ruling party had been patronising the armed gangs.

Addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club on Monday evening, he announced holding a multi-party conference of all the stakeholders of the City soon on Lyari’s issue to devise a strategy for permanent solution of the area. 

Flanked with party’s provincial leaders including Comrade Ramzan Memon, Makhdoom Ayub Qureshi, Abdul Rauf Baloch, Tahira Baloch and others, he said Lyari people had been electing the national and provincial assemblies’ members of the PPP for the last four decades but instead of given them employment, development and peace, it strengthened the armed gangs.

Mr Bizanjo recalled that Lyari was a hub of all political, human rights, educational and other positive activities for all the political parties. He alleged that undemocratic forces started doing the drug business in the area with a plot to depoliticise the people of Lyari.

He also termed the operation and crackdown of Rangers and police as eyewash. He said the LEAs were also patronising the criminal gangs as their excuse not to going to actual places in Lyari to nab the criminals and terrorists.

The Baloch nationalist leader also held the establishment, law enforcement agencies and PPP equally responsible for the current deteriorating law and order situation of Lyari. He demanded the government to start decisive action to dismantle the armed wings across the City to ensure peace.

He demanded the government to establish the writ of law in Lyari and bring the killers and criminal gangs in the court of law. He emphasised that government must pay financial compensation to the people who were killed as well as to others who suffered financial losses in the ongoing unrest in the area.

Bizanjo further said the people of Lyari were deprived of basic human rights as well as the basic necessities of drinking water, education, health and municipal facilities for over two decades. He blamed that Lyari has been fallen victim of the atrocities and anti-people policies of the establishment, ruling PPP and LEAs for decades. With the continuous lawlessness and terrorism, thousands of people migrated from Lyari besides the businesses and educational activities have also destroyed in the area.

“Lyari is not in Fata as it is part of the commercial hub of the country where all the forces including army, rangers and police are present but the rocket launchers and other heavy weapons are being used by the armed wings,” he said.

He said the PPP, due to its anti-people steps, had become unpopular among the masses so it cannot do politics without armed wings in Lyari. He alleged that the PPP government was avoiding serious and decisive action against the criminals and armed wings.

He also criticised on the Sindhi nationalist leader Ayaz Palijo over his recent mediatory role for brokering the deal of ceasefire among two warring gangs of Lyari.