A kidnapped student’s body, the most of which had been eaten by beasts, was found in a sugarcane field at Garha Morr here.

Jabbarul Hassan, 21, was killed and his body was thrown in the field where beasts had eaten all his skin and only skull was found from the spot. He was identified through his cloths. Parents and the family members were out of senses when they saw the body.

The aggrieved family put the body on the Multan Road and protested against the police by blocking the road and demanded immediately arrest of the culprits. Forty eight hours was passed till the filing of the report, but the body could not be buried.

The protesters also demanded the arrest of former SHO Shahid Farooq Barola. They said that the accused were patronised by a Punjab government official. DPO Sadiq Ali Dogar also admitted the influence and the pressure of the accused on the police, claimed the family. The family also requested in a press conference to Chief Justice of Pakistan, and other executive authorities to look into the matter.

The student of BA was resident of 13-WB. He went missing on October 20, 2013. The family started searching and also informed Sadar police about his disappearance. Three days before his disappearance when his mobile was switched off, a number was continuously in contact with him according to the mobile data.

The family detailed, “When the police reached Garha Morr as per the mobile data information, the kidnapers said that they do not know Jabbar. When the police provided them with the mobile data, they changed their statement that Jabbar came there for some time and then he left for home. The police arrested them on suspicion and started investigation. Then a call was made from a high level office at the police station and all the accused were released. The police also changed their behaviour immediately after that the call and said that Jabbar ran from the house due to a family dispute.”

Jabbar’s brother Anwarul Hassan alleged that the police were siding with the accused and remonstrated with the DPO about the injustice. The DPO also admitted the influence and excused to take action against the accused, he said.

He wrote to the CJ, prime minister, chief minister and police high-ups but to no avail. On the other day, the police found the body at Garha Morr where the family identified the victim through his clothes. The DPO and DSP Sadar reached the spot.

The bones sent to the DHQ Hospital for a test. After completion of test, the body of Jabbar was handed over to the family. They protested for four hours on Multan road putting dead body on the road.

Police tried their best for dialogues but they refused. They demanded immediate arrest of the kidnappers and the SHO. The DPO then ordered to arrest the SHO and the accused.