The trading and business community of South Punjab region rejected on Monday recent increase in the power tariff, saying it was power terrorism committed by the NEPRA on order of its foreign master IMF

The upward revision in power tariff is a cruel joke with the manufacturing sector which was struggling to increase the exports and putting the future of the country at stake leaving the business community with no option but to shut their factories, said Khawaja Muhammad Usman President of Multan Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

He said that government’s decision will result in closure of thousands of industries and businesses, leave millions unemployed, trigger brain drain and unleash a new round of rapid exodus of units. Khawaja said that the barbarous decision is to damage the reputation of the PML-N forever leaving rulers with little options to escape strong reaction of the frustrated masses with heavy political cost. Government seems concerned about honouring the debt deal with the IMF but it is least bothered about promises with the business community and the masses, he said.

Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) have strongly rejected the recent massive 2.24 per unit  increase in power tariff by Nepra saying that this increase would prove a cut throat for the  industries which were already on the verge of collapse due to uncontrolled worst energy crisis.

He has expressed grave concern over this increase in power tariff by Nepra, demanding immediate withdrawal of this increase in the larger interest of general public and especially the business community of the country in this regard.

WATERCOURSES: Federal minister for Food Security Malik Sikandar Hayat Bosan disclosed on Monday that the Punjab Government was going to launch a project to concrete all watercourses across the province.

Inaugurating a newly constructed concrete canal here in Sooraj Miani area, he added that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had sought report from the Irrigation Department on the current status of all canals and watercourses and the project would be launched very soon.

He said that the government was determined to serve the public irrespective of citizens’ political affiliations. He hoped that the farmers of Multan region would benefit from the project.

Boost economic

Jamaat-e-Islami Central Naib Ameer Prof Sirajul Haq on Sunday welcomed the increase in Pakistani rupee’s value against US dollar, asking the federal government to strengthen the national economy.

Talking to newsmen here, he said that the time was ripe for the PML-N government to do more and take some direly needed decisions to strengthen the economy through increasing national exchequer and decreasing sky-rocketing prices.

He asked the government to make hectic efforts to bring down the value of US Dollar to Rs50. Earlier, addressing the party workers, Sirajul Haq said that the western civilisation and capitalism had failed to establish peace and prosperity in the world. Islam system guarantees welfare of humanity, he said.