MNA Nasir Bosal has said that PM Nawaz Sharif sanctioned mega project of constructing Sargodha-Gujrat highway from Salim to Gujrat as a gift for people of Mandi Bahauddin who voted for his victory in the previous elections.

He was addressing the inaugural ceremony of the highway at Gojra. He said estimated cost of the project was Rs3,750,000,000 and in first phase Rs350,000,000 had been to start construction of the project. He said project would be completed in eight months period. Referring to previous MNAs and MPAs, he said they claimed Mandi district as second Larkana and got huge funds in the name of development schemes. Such funds they misappropriated and now they were facing corruption cases registered against them. He said he believed in clean politics and possessed transparent past record. HIs mission is to serve people of the area whether he is in power or out of power and that he would continue this mission to his best abilities. Besides large public Imdadullah Bosal, Ghulam Hussain Bosal, MPA Akhtar Bosal and other notables of the area were present on the occasion.