Biogas is a renewable energy source as it is a mixture of many gases but primarily consists of methane. Many types of organic matters or biodegradable wastes such as dung, manure, plant or animal waste and even human excreta can be used to produce Biogas. Six bananas peels can produce enough gas to cook one time meal. Using manure to produce Biogas can bring twofold benefit, getting rid of methane and production of carbon dioxide.

Methane is a more potent green house gas than carbon dioxide. Even if we do not use manure to produce Biogas it continues to produce methane when stored. In a country like Pakistan, where we have a large number of cattle, quantities of methane are being produced unwarranted. It should not come as a surprise that half of rural China actually cooks on Biogas. In Pakistan, faced with perpetual energy shortage, we should not let it go untapped, an abundant clean and free source of energy provided by nature. Sweden Germany and China have already taken significant steps in production and manipulation of Biogas.


Islamabad, March 16.