Rawalpindi- Pakistani supermodel Ayyan Ali's father, Raja Hafeez, claimed that the family has not yet been permitted to meet her.

Malik Mushtaq, superintendent at Adiala Jail, has confirmed this statement, saying that the customs team investigating Ayyan is not allowing her to meet anyone until they are able to secure a statement from her.

Although Ayyan is a category B 'VIP' inmate at Adiala jail, she is being denied the privilege of meeting her family. VIP detainees at Adiala are allowed to meet their relatives and lawyers, reported sources.

The superintendent claimed the model is being treated like a regular detainee “Following a 'normal' routine and eating the same food,” but sources say she is being given special treatment and provided with food from outside the jail.

This report comes amid concerns that the model has been issuing contradictory statements to investigation agencies, which has resulted in the summoning of her travel history and phone records. However, the mobile phones recovered from Ayyan were blocked after she was taken into custody and her phone data and records have been inaccessible so far.

The property agent she sold her property to Khalid Malik through is also being tracked down for investigation, while the bank she withdrew the laundered money from will also be investigated. The Customs Investigation and Prosecution Branch headed by Inspector Saleem is expected to send, a three-member team to Adiala jail to question the supermodel and record her statements.

The Chief Collector North will send a two page report to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). The briefing will contain details about her trips abroad, the money recovered from her and her conduct.

Despite earning over $1,000,000 from the sales of her previous album, the supermodel has not filed a single tax return or paid tax to the government of Pakistan, authorities said. It is likely that she will be prosecuted for tax evasion. Raja Hafeez, Ayyan's father is said to have submitted a petition to customs officials today, asking for permission to meet his daughter.