LAHORE - A writ petition on Tuesday was moved to the Lahore High Court seeking judicial inquiry into the incident of lynching of two youths in Youhanabad after suicide attacks on churches in the locality.

Chaudhary Saeed Zafar Advocate filed the petition submitting that lynching of two persons at Ferozepur Road in front of the main gate of Youhannabad, the main locality of Christians in the country. The lawyer petitioner said no religion in the world allowed such brutality which was seen in the said area.

The incident of lynching of two innocent people whereas caused panic in the society also took bad name to the country’s image worldwide.  The petitioner pleaded the court to accept the petition and order judicial inquiry into the incident.

Advocate Azhar Siddique, chairman of Judicial Activism Penal, had also moved an application to the Punjab government to order judicial inquiry into suicide attacks on churches in Yohannabad area.

Former vice-chairperson of Pakistan Bar Council and retired judge Hafiz Abdur-Rehman Ansar also condemned the incident of Yohannabad saying that lynching of two youths was totally unjustified. He urged the government to arrest the culprits in lynching of youths and bring them to justice.

The attacks on churches were carried out to make the country’s law and order situation worsen, he said adding that the government had badly failed in providing security to the lives and properties of the people despite the fact that the provision of security to the minorities was the utmost responsibility of the government. Though the attacks on churches were unbearable but no body could be allowed to take the law into his hands.

A Mustafai Lawyers’ Forum had also urged the government to immediately arrest the culprits involved in lynching two youths in Youhannabad.

A group of lawyers held protest demonstration at GPO Chowk and condemned the suicide attacks on churches.