A:     Do you know what my sister does, for entertainment?

S:     What?

A:     She goes online, and browses clothes and shoes, and fills up her virtual baskets with millions of goods, and then she hardly ever buys anything. What is this thing with women, why the obsession with buying and having?

S:     Maybe it has something to do with the logic of the market. It has just provided women with so many options, that now the exercise of choice just makes the process entertaining. Maybe it's like looking at art?

A:     Shoes and bags are not art!

S:     Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It's like you admiring an expensive watch, or looking at cars.

A:     But what about functionality? A car, a laptop, a tablet… these are functional things. Most of the things women buy are purely aesthetic…

S:     And thus, art…

A:     It makes me believe that we are fundamentally different. That men believe in fact and function and women in aesthetic and emotion.

S:     I disagree, I think we are exactly the same. The dichotomy is only created by social norm. I know girls who would rather buy a new phone than a new bag. And if men are only worried about function, why buy a designer watch, or an expensive iphone, when cheaper alternatives can do the same.

A:     Yes but, what is the function of diamond jewellery?

S:     None actually. I can't think of any.

A:     It has a function, to signify social status. But does that make it acceptable? To spend so much on jewellery, just to portray affluence.

S:     You’re bringing ethics into the discussion now. I think that it is a grey area.

A:     Obsession with choice and beauty is understandable, but showing off is a taking that human interest too far. It takes the beauty out of art, and makes it petty.

S:     But then, why not? As humans we all desire to be recognised, and admired. And jewellery has some excellent craftsmanship behind it. I would say it should be worn with pride. But it is much like owning a Porsche, or a Rolex. Men are the same, Ameen. We also want pretty things.