The Interior Minister is appreciated for the action taken against criminals in Karachi, the shocking facts that have been uncovered in the raids on 90. Nisar provided the support, and importantly, the political will, without which this operation would not have started, because the Prime Minister was too busy in protecting his coalition partners not realising that allowing such criminal activity to be given political protection, is a bigger crime, attacking the State itself, amounting to treason. We are lucky that Nisar saw fit to disassociate his Ministry from the criminals, allowing the Rangers to do their job.

With a supporting chorus of MQM ministers, appearing on all TV channels to propagate the party line. Nisar has come out of Nawaz’s shadow, saying all the things that should have been said by the Prime Minister, who chose to remain strangely silent. When will our politicians realise that it is Pakistan that is important, the personalities are not important, being transient anyway? They have also missed the basic point, that, any damage to the State should be treated as treason.

Other than Imran Khan nobody really cares for Pakistan. While Altaf Hussain has chosen the comfort of exile, living in luxury in London we all know that Nawaz had a grand time in Jeddah as he was pampered by the Saudis. For too long now Pakistan has been plundered by politicians, who are elected to safeguard it. It is unfortunate that the guardians have become the robbers.

People are delighted that the Army has decided to cleanse the system, without taking over. They have sensibly stayed away from governance and General Raheel must ensure that the criminals are punished. It is the misfortune for Britain that they have imported monsters like Altaf Husain, and assimilated them as citizens. I am sure, if her Majesty was to discover the evil that lurk in Mill Hill and is partaking of the protection of HMG, she would decide that her Government had indeed made a grave error in judgment.


Lahore, March 16.