Ever since the days of misrule of late Ghulam Muhammad, ex-Governor General of Pakistan, a chain of political waywardness in different garbs has brought the country’s image at the lowest ebb of governance. There is no period of respite or a sign of recovery in this confused scenario that can open a window of hope and redemption. Having hit an abyss of continued misrules, the leaders at the helm of affairs are still in a state of deep slumber and unmindful of adverse consequences that can leave us in the pages of history as a failed state. The latest example was a dismal and pathetic picture of the Prime Minister publically accusing the prestigious institution of NAB, thus directly displaying a style of mis-governance. Do not wash your dirty linen in public and hang it too for the comity of nations to laugh at us. Regrettably and unfortunately the whole nation is aghast on the poverty and paucity of intellect of the ruling classes clinging to their personal glorification at the cost of national integrity. It seems the rulers have shut all avenues of wisdom at their command and are marching ahead with no vision for the future of the country.

COL. (Retd) M. A. TIRMIZI,

Islamabad, February 23.