Multan -  JUI-F chief Maulana Fazalur Rehman disclosed on Friday that his party had accepted extension in military courts.

“It’s like sometimes you have to accept unwanted things due to unavoidable circumstances,” he added while talking to journalists here at Madrasah Qasimul Aloom. He said that the JUI-F accepted extension in military courts despite serious reservations on this issue and Operation Radd-ul-Fasad. He underlined need for developing national consensus on the situation.

He was of the opinion that military operations and courts as a solution to terrorism was a debatable topic. He said although he opposed the military courts in principle but now he realised that it was inevitable. “The big question now is whether the National Action Plan has succeeded against terrorism or it needs further expansion across the country,” he raised a question.

He suggested to Afghanistan to initiate dialogue with Pakistan on border security issues and external intervention into Pakistan. He said CIA and Blackwater had been working in Pakistan and Pakistan could not prevent terrorism until the international interventions were not stopped.

US agencies have created a crisis in Pakistan and the country should prevent US interventions, he maintained.

Maulana Fazl declined to answer a question on the fate of Panama Leaks case and said the media should avoid trial of judiciary.