PCB’s decision to take action against players involved in violating code of ethics and match-fixing in PSL tournament is commendable but was long overdue.

The ignominy that Pakistan and PCB suffered in 2010 during the UK tour could have been avoided if a large entourage of manager, assistant manager, coach and other officials accompanying the team had performed their assigned roles, instead of partying with controversial individuals like Mazhar Majeed and others involved in the betting mafia. Three players involved were punished but no punitive action, nor have any criminal charges been taken against officials whose job it was to protect young players, most of them coming from poor families and susceptible to allurement and falling prey to enticement and greed. This was an indictment not just against three players but against former Chairman Ijaz Butt and others officials in PCB who continue to be on payroll.

It is common knowledge that close family members of a few players, including those who have retired are involved in match-fixing and the betting mafia and they must be declared as persona non-grata, not just in PCB and the dressing room but also the team. It is these compromises on discipline and ICC code of ethics that have led to the downfall of game. These few rotten eggs should be surgically removed from a game of gentlemen, especially in light of the fact that an unfriendly neighbouring country wants that international cricket matches do not take place in Pakistan.


Lahore, March 13.