The members of Senate are supposed to be in good standing to represent federation. Unfortunately leaders of political parties have been abusing their powers in choice of selecting candidates, giving tickets to individuals who are not even permanent residents of the province that he is supposed to represent and in some cases even of Pakistan. In case of Baluchistan those facilitated by establishment for Senate tickets are nonresidents of province. 

When political leaders hold power in Pakistan there are hordes of bureaucrats, traders, party loyalists who are in attendance willing to do their bidding, shouting slogans in public meetings. Thousands travel hundreds of miles to welcome elected political leadership wherever they go. Few even sacrifice their lives. But all of them are lost in millions of Pakistanis, eager to serve their elected leaders. 

Sycophancy and protocol becomes addictive and urge to satisfy this addiction becomes a pressing need when these politicians are out of power and live abroad, where their families reside. There is a shortage of hanger-on and few willing to satisfy their appetite for sycophancy. This explains why our political leaders find no suitable individual amongst 200 Million citizens of Pakistan who in their opinion are suitable to be members of Senate. Although there is a judgment of SC that members of NA, Senate or PA must only be citizens of Pakistan, have no criminal record etc, the obligation our leaders owe to these dual nationals, who served them while they were out of power, overcomes constitutional and moral obligations. This Compulsive Sycophancy Disorder seems to afflict leadership of all political parties. 


Lahore, March 6.