islamabad - To contain pollen allergy situation in the Capital, the district administration has announced to organise annual free of cost Pollen Allergy Camp for citizens, an official told The Nation on Saturday. 

The decision was taken in a meeting held at the Chief Commissioner office. Chief Commissioner Aftab Akbar Durrani chaired the meeting.

The official said that the camp would be established at the Community Centre, Aabpara to provide free healthcare to citizens for ten days from March 20 to 30.

He said that pollen count this year in the federal city is very high and paper mulberry has been recorded at 20,165 particles per cubic meter.

The official added that as per meteorological department reports, the pollen count could reach nearly 40,000 particles per cubic meter if it does not rain and a large number of people will be affected due to allergy.

Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences in just ten days after establishing of pollen allergy centre at hospital received above 5,000 patients. Pollen season continues in the spring season and can be life risky if respiratory issues are not addressed timely.

Two pulmonologists, 29 nebulizers and 40 beds, including 20 reserved in the main emergency of PIMS have been reserved for patients.

Dr Muhammad Najeeb Durrani gave a presentation to the meeting on Pollen Allergy situation in Islamabad and efforts of the Health Department ICT to control the public health hazard.

The meeting was attended by Experts Dr Shazli Manzor, Pulmonologist, Dr Mubasher A Bhati, International Nutritionist, Dr Usman Yousaf, Allergy Specialist, Dr Shehzad from Allergy Centre NIH, Hakeem Rizwah Hafeez of Tib Foundation and Homeo Dr Naser Chaudhry of Homophobic Association Islamabad, these experts gave advices and recommendations for the prevention of pollen allergy. 

Besides them, representatives from pharmacy industry and Drug Sale Outlets also participated who were asked to donate allergy control medicines as per the past practice.