The election of Prime Minster Narendra Modi was a good news for many of his like-minded Hindu followers. Modi essentially represented the beautiful face of Indian democracy where a tea-seller managed to hold the highest executive office of the country. Indians told it to the world and the entire world, including Pakistan, appreciated the development.

Modi’s election as Indian PM was, however, quite upsetting for Pakistan and Muslims within India. Because Modi is known for his extremist political stance, and as one of the staunchest supporters of Hindu supremacy in the country. The matter got momentum when he used Pakistan card to appease his followers at home.

People in Pakistan had some severe reservations on Modi’s election due to his dirty political past.

But Modi’s stay in his office, contrary to our reservations and the world’s expectations, has proven to be a blessing for Pakistan, and a catastrophic challenge for India. This is something unusual and absolutely extraordinary with regard to Pakistan-India relations and the perception of the world about the nature of relation between these two rival states.

Pakistan as a state is facing many challenges but at ground the most important one is a challenge posed by so-called Pakistani liberals who are reluctant to appreciate what Mohammad Ali Jinnah had done for the Muslims or what Pakistan has been doing to counter India. These so-called liberals always demanded Pakistan to cooperate with India by accepting terms and conditions set by the latter. Pakistan’s security institutions have always been under the verbal attack of by these westernized liberals. Above all, India’s political democracy has been what helped the most these self-declared liberals to attack Pakistani state and society for being too religious and utterly orthodox.

But a big thanks to Mr Modi. He came in and answered every tough question posed by Pakistani liberals. He told them why Jinnah was right while he was struggling for independent Muslim state; he told them why it is important to strengthen our military; he let them know why Pakistan failed to have a cooperative working relationship with India; and he also explained them the nature, meaning and scope of democracy in India. Modi has done single-handedly what Pakistani intellectuals and political commentators could not do collectively. Pakistani nation must be thankful to Modi who let us know why our forefathers were facing all hardships to give us an independent state.

As a matter of fact, most of the sayings of leaders of Pakistan Movement make better sense if we read them keeping Modi’s India before us.

Modi has, however, done something to India what must be unthinkable for many rational, open-minded Indians. He brought extremist Hindus at the stage, supported them directly or indirectly and urged them to compromise the principles of secularism in India. Political support by Modi to extremist organisations encouraged them to mob Muslim boys and girls and burn their houses without any fear. Indian Muslims who used to be proud Indians are now feeling as if they were second class citizens in their own country. Political bias and social exclusion are main features of present-day Indian state and society.

Modi is certain to transform ‘democratic secular India’ into a Hindu-dominated exclusive state where minorities and particularly Muslims will be left with two options; either become Hindus and live in India or quit.  A committee is said to be working on a PM Modi’s great project that is to re-write the history in a way that Hindus become the owners, heirs and guardians of Hindustan. If it happens, it will be the end of so-called secularism in India. Perhaps, Bollywood will also be then not in a position to fool the world anymore.

As a Pakistani-Muslim I am very thankful to the PM Modi for his all efforts to silence my haters and enemies at home and abroad. But at the same time, I want to convey my heartfelt sympathies to the poor Muslims living under his rule and have no other option except unconditional silence. Again, thank you PM Modi!