To build creativity in students is essential to their lives. This means to create any situation where students are encouraged to write in their own words, using good vocabulary and grammar. When you are creative, people want to read your writing material, and they are interested in all the substance you produce. Nowadays, students do not show creativity. They simply read books and copy the book text, and when exams come, they go and write the same things; they are not interested in building creativity in their minds. The teachers also do not give opportunities to the students to write in their own words. Teachers just come to class, teach the same material of the text book, and students also read the same book. No one asks, “why are copying from the book why are not writing on our own?” Students should seriously ask these questions from their teachers, especially at high-school and college level. In modern times, the concept of copying texts is old fashioned, and this is not good for students who copy material and get good marks. This type of mind set is not creative. The copy-paste system should be abolished in schools and colleges.

It is the duty of teacher to build creativity in students and motivate them at every level of their education. Creative minds think more than non-creative minds. So, the creativity should be promoted in schools and colleges. In university level, there is no copy-paste system at all. At university level, teacher’s duty is to deliver the lecture carefully and students then study on their own.

Good marks and a high CGPA in exams are always the first priority of every student in school, college and university. On the other hand, communication skills are also very important in every student’s life. If students have no communication skills, they have no value in professional field. So along with studies, teachers should also pay attention to communication skills of every student, and make sure that every student has ability to convince others easily. Students who only read from text books and do not refine their skills and mind don’t know how to communicate their ideas to others, and always hesitate while dealing with large crowd. On the other hand, if any student has skills to communicate, they can communicate on any given topic with a large number of people easily. So, creativity and communication skills must be important parts of every student’s life. Hopefully, all schools and colleges will start paying full attention towards building creativity in the students, and also help them build communication skills to help them in their future and professional life as well.


Lahore, March 4.