Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi announced that an emergency meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has been called on March 22. The meeting is to take place in Istanbul to discuss the causes, impacts, and way forward in the aftermath of the New Zealand terror attacks. The entire world has been shaken by the tragedy in New Zealand. This has been one of those instances which have blatantly exhibited the consequences of Islamophobia in the West post 9/11. This is high time that the governments of the world unite to point out the fallacy of the narrative construed by the West and this emergence of a new wave of terrorism.

Iran and Turkey have also called for a meeting of the OIC to discuss rising Islamophobia in the world. This shows that there is an interest in the Islamic bloc to rally behind for the cause, especially when it is directly affecting their citizens. Xenophobia especially targeting a particular religion only on a global scale is bound to have dire social effects. What the West failed to realise was that with a large immigrant population and the building of an anti-Muslim narrative would bring terrorism so close to home.

This is a time for the Muslim countries to take a stand for their populations which have migrated. This attack shows how the populations of the West have internalised Islamophobia and it is only through diplomatic channels that the countries can protect them. The Muslim ban has been able to terrorise a significant population of the world. Just the discussion around such a ban shows how bigoted the narrative is. There is a need to reform the legislation of the countries as well to protect this diaspora around the world.

It is also high time to point out the discrepancies in the reporting of Western media where numerous attempts are being made to humanise the murderer. Concentrated efforts are required to push the Western media to report with sensitivity because they are inadvertently adding to the problem.