The richest province of Pakistan, Balochistan, is the biggest victim of load-shedding. People are continuously suffering from long hours of load-shedding. The issue is growing speedily, and conditions are being deteriorated day by day. The long hours of load-shedding are continued in the heat of summer as well. During the summer, people become unconscious because of heatwave. Though people are dying in Karachi in the summer, the current situation of Balochistan may surpass Karachi; the people of Balochistan would not be able to survive.

Mostly poor people will suffer, as they already have nothing – without electricity, they would only face problems. During the winter season, the electricity demand becomes low in Punjab, Sindh and KP as compared to summer. Unfortunately, Balochistan is facing the same problems even during winter time of the year. The capital of Balochistan, Quetta, is facing the worst conditions. Quetta is suffering from load-shedding of 6 to 8 hours. The other district headquarters have 12 to 14 hours of load-shedding. The load-shedding is unbearable in small towns and villages, as they only receive electricity for 6 hours per day.

Some villages receive electricity just for two hours in two days. That’s two hours in 48 hours, and that type of load-shedding is unheard of in the rest of Balochistan. It is estimated that Balochistan requires a total of 1,650 MW (Megawatt). Presently, Balochistan is not even supplied 650 MW, and is instead supplplied 300-400 MW, which is very low and the reason of long hours of load-shedding. According to Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO), supply to the province has been decreased just due to unpaid bills which have reached Rs.130 billion. The electricity companies in Punjab and Sindh have huge amount of unpaid bills, but supply to the provinces has not decreased, but rather increased.

These provinces have gotten funds and other support, but Balochistan is the most neglected province and receiving nothing from the government. I request the government to provide basic needs to the people of Balochistan, including electricity.


Turbat, March 3.