I am writing to your esteemed self to express my deep concern and anguish over the poor state of street lights. Streets then and now are places that need lighting because of security and safety reasons. They provide security to urban areas and have many other benefits as well.

Street lighting systems require on-going maintenance which is classified either reactive or preventative. A number of street light control systems have been developed to control and reduce energy consumption. New street lighting technologies such as LED or induction lights allow street lights with lower voltages to replace existing high-voltage street lights. As technology boost up, we can make environment-friendly and less energy consuming lights.

In some areas, street lights are not available. This should be checked strictly.

I hope that if this letter is published in your esteemed newspaper. The authorities concerned should be awakened from slumber and try to overcome this problem. I hope you will give space to my voice.


Lahore, March 17.