LAHORE           -                An awareness campaign regarding preventive measures  for the eradication of coronavirus was launched in all prisons across the Punjab.  DIG Prisons and Superintendent Prisons were ensuring complete implementation on the precautionary measures being intimated by the Health Advisory in this regard, said a spokesman for prisons, Tuesday. In every prison, four temperature guns were provided through which temperature of all visitors coming to jails along with officials working in Jails were being checked. If some prisoner was suspected with corona virus symptoms then he was immediately sent to concerned district hospital for treatment or was being kept in the quarantine centre in isolation with other prisoners.

In every prison, separate corona virus centre was being immediately setup consisting of at least four cells.

 Suspected prisoners were being provided with soap and masks during the course of coronavirus diagnosis. The medical officers along with paramedical staff examined all the Jail officers along with staff and also imparted awareness lectures to them in this regard.