Lodhran -The Computerised Land Record Centre established here to facilitate people has become corruption hub as no task is done without greasing the officials’ palm, it has been learnt.

The centre was established to save people from fraud of patwaris for getting copies of their property documents. Unfortunately, it did not turn out to be beneficial for the people as without bribing officials, the people have to go back disappointed with their tasks undone. In Land Record Centre, only influential people and those who give bribe can get their work done. However, the poor have to leave record centre dejected and embarassed.

No arrangements have been made to save people from scorching heat during summer. Similarly, no drinking water facility has been provided to people. People have to stand in queues waiting for their turn.

During The Nation survey, Ahmad Yaar, Nadeem, Shakir, Abdullah and Irtaza said that they had been coming to the Land Record Centre for a few days to get the copies of their land record but no one was listening to them and they would have to return back home without the documents.

They added that those who bribed the officers were invited to the offices and offered tea and all of their work was done in a few minutes.

Some days ago, Anti-Corruption Establishment team registered an FIR against ADLR Ahmad Nawaz and all service center staff for receiving government fees.

Newly-appointed ADLR Ahmad Nawaz and LRO Land Record Centre in charge Waseem Ahmad are also accused of minting money after corruption. According to sources, Ahmad Nawaz and Wasem Ahmad had allegedly paid bribe for their transfer to this branch. Sheikh Mukhtiar, Munshi Nazar and Aslam Ghuloo are allegedly working as agents for ADLR Ahmad Nawaz and his partner LRO Wasem Ahmad.

The sources alleged that agents had been given land record centre on contract for Rs200,000 on daily basis.

To receive heavy bribe, the officials raise fake objections or delaying tactics, and demand heavy bribe for their removal, they said. In the last few days, Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Sheikh Abbas Raza’s two-acre land was registered and when he allegedly refused to pay the bribe, fake stay was put on its alienation.

Deputy Commissioner Lodhran Imran Qureshi appears helpless in front of Computer Land Record Centre’s corrupt staff as despite complaining to the DC and AC repeatedly their corruption continues unabated. The people of Lodhran and social circles have demanded of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar and Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of the issue and order inquiry against the ‘corrupt’ officials.