P&D Board arranged a high powered meeting on Punjab Government’s plan for economic stabilization in response to COVID 19, chaired by the Finance Minister at P&D Complex, Lahore. The consultation was in light of the current economic crisis caused by the COVID 19, and to prepare a response and recovery phase of the natural calamity. The Government of the Punjab has formed a steering committee comprising of Finance Minister, Chairman P&D Board, Secretary P&D Board, Secretary Labour & Human Resource Department, Secretary P&SH Department, and Secretary SH&ME Department. The committee has been directed to take imperative actions on three agendas: (i) Health, infrastructure and financial needs, (ii) Economic impact analysis, (iii) Social protection plan for the vulnerable community.

Finance Minister Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakht chaired the meeting and reviewed the economic outfall of COVID 19. The primary agenda of the aforesaid is to deal with on-going crisis and to help the vulnerable groups susceptible to the financial setback. It is the government’s utmost priority to curtail the financial implications arising due to the global pandemic. It was further emphasized by Finance Minister that currently the government has ensured about the people of Punjab to be provided with the necessary finances to cater their daily needs. The main focus of the government is to provide necessary assistance to the daily wagers and to those who will suffer from economic crisis in the pandemics. He also discussed that the Government of the Punjab has taken imperative measures to fulfil the immediate requirements and funding of the health department. This action will ensure the instant treatment of the effected patient.  

Chairman P&D Hamed Yaqoob Sheikh discussed that the priority of Punjab Government is to stand with the masses and completely support them during this global crisis. On the directions of Chief Minister Punjab, P&D has already taken essential measures to prepare the packages for the affected masses. Secretary P&D Board Imran Sikandar Baloch briefed the above committee about the fiscal and economic plan to combat the issue.  Ex. Governor State Bank Tariq Bajwa, Salman Ghani Ex Chairman P&D Board and Secretaries of above mentioned departments also attended the meeting.