We all know that we Pakistanis are cricket crazy people no matter what we love watching it. This year is special because not only test cricket came back in Pakistan but also complete Pakistan Super League is being held as well which is a great news. So far, Karachi and Lahore hosted few matches with large number of crowds gathered for this special occasion. Bringing cricket back is not easy as security situation is always alarming in this part of the world however credit goes to all and sundry weather its Government, Army, Police or any other law enforcement agency to do it possible vigilantly.

As they say give the devil its due, previous Government and Cricket Board and in particular Mr. Najam Sethi should also be lauded/appreciated for his efforts for cricket and specially for PSL as it was truly his brainchild, and he was the one who made it possible in Pakistan. As a nation we should also understand the hurdles came with it like massive traffic blocks and other issues due to the curtain security reasons, in this need of the hour we all should support our Government and law enforcement agencies in order to protect foreign players as they put their lives on stake to make PSL possible in Pakistan. I hope it stays well inshAllah, wishing all the teams best of luck. Pakistan Zindabad.