The Chinese couple became the European country’s first coronavirus victims

Islamabad - Shocking images reveal how coronavirus ravaged the lungs of two Wuhan residents in their 60s on holiday in Italy - the country’s first recorded victims of the disease. Researchers at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Rome studied the two individuals after they tested positive for COVID-19 on January 29, 2020. The two patients were a 67 year old healthy man and a 65 year old woman who was fit and healthy except for daily oral medication for high blood pressure. X-ray scans and CT images reveal how COVID-19 ravaged their lungs and respiratory system in a similar but distinct way to both SARS and MERS.



Twitter creates new ‘handwashing emoji’

Islamabad - Twitter has created a new ‘handwashing emoji’ to remind the British public to maintain good hygiene practices throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The emoji can be generated in your tweets by using any one of the following hashtags — #HandWashing, #HandWashChallenge, #SafeHands or #WashYourHands. People are recommended to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, ensuring that all parts of their hands are cleaned thoroughly. ‘@TwitterUK have created a new emoji to encourage hand washing,’ a spokesperson for the UK’s Department of Health and Social Care.