Rapidly spreading disease, coronavirus, has taken the shape of a pandemic. Researchers claim that it spreads through animals but there is no source that confirms its authenticity. The major source of its transmission to humans is the consumption of some wild animals.

Typically, its symptoms include cold, flu, shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, muscle pain and headache become more frequent but its actually far more deadly. Symptoms increases with the passage of time. None of the medical researchers had expected that it could affect so many people. Apparently, it starts with a fever followed by dry cough. As of now, no cure has been discovered to treat Coronavirus. In this situation, self-care is the best treatment you can use to safeguard yourself.

To reduce your risk of getting infected by coronavirus, you must follow some basic hygiene rules. Clean your hands with soap or hand wash every now and then, drink plenty of water, avoid close contact with anyone suffering from cold or flu like symptoms, cover your nose and mouth with surgical mask while going out and avoid contact with unprotected stray animals. Be careful in crowds, don’t spread litter and stay away from people who suffer from cough. People involved in meat, fish and poultry business fear catching this deadly disease due to fake rumors. However, the authority has assured the availability of hygienic meat and food in the market.

A public service message and directions delivered by DG Punjab Food Authority Irfan Nawaz Memon clearly stated that during this time of uncertainty avoid spreading fear, gather correct information and consume safe and hygienic food. Be sure to follow hygiene principles of Punjab Food Authority which are for everyone including food owners, handlers and food consumers without falling prey to mass panic. Let’s continue to look after ourselves and those around us.

Muhammad Sohaib,