ATTOCK-Adviser to Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam has said that this govt under the dynamic leadership of Imran Khan is utilising maximum resources for development of the country and prosperity of its people.

He said this while talking to a select group of journalists. On the occasion, his Media and Political Adviser Chaudhry Saleem Ahmad was also present.

Malik Amin said Allah Almighty had bestowed him with an opportunity to transform the country into a clean green Pakistan and he was committed to make that happen through people’s participation and ownership of this vision .He also said PTI had made people aware of their rights and the political era of cheap mud-slinging, hollow slogans and promises without any delivery was over, especially in Attock.

“The remnants of that dark era will die their natural political death as the vision of a Naya Pakistan takes root.” Along with making national policies and programs on clean green Pakistan, he said he always kept a keen eye on addressing the needs of the people of his home district Attock.

Giving details about development of Attock, Hazro and Hasanabdal he said at the cost of Rs 123.29, different development schemes will be completed which included installation of 45 water filtration plants in different localities of Attock, Hazro and Hasanabdal, 09 schemes of severage and paving of streets and culverts in village Asghar, Hameed, Formali, Saidan, Malah, Noorpur Karamaliya, Sultanpur and Dhok Mehdi while water supply schemes were under completion in village Qibla Bandi, Mula Mansoor and Mirza and Janazagah.

Malik Amin Aslam said that many other development schemes were in pipeline and will executed soon to deliver good and corruption-free development to the people of Attock.