Twenty-six former ambassadors in a letter to government have demanded issuance of an executive order for immediate restoration of the deposed judges. They have expressed their regret over the unwarranted delay in the restoration of the illegally deposed judges of the superior judiciary. The former envoys said that it was regrettable that even six weeks after the formation of the federal government, it has failed to fulfill the mandate given to it by the electorate and honour the commitment made in the Murree Declaration. They have rejected any linkage between the restoration of the judges and constitutional amendments to reform the judiciary. Amongst those are M Akram Zaki, Shamshad Ahmed, Riaz H Khokhar, Sher Afgan Khan, Dr S M Koreshi, Dr Maqbool Bhatty, Najmul Saqib Khan, Gul Haneef, Touqir Hussain, KK Ghori, S Azmat Hassan, Javid Husain, Amin Jan Naim, Mushtaq A Mehr, Afzal Akbar Khan, Asif Ezdi, S Shafqat Kakakhel, Mazhar Qayyum, S Iftikhar Murshed, Saleem Nawaz Khan Gandapur, Iqbal Ahmad Khan, Aslam Rizvi, Kamran Niaz, Javed Hafiz, Rashed Saleem Khan and Nazar Abbas.