ISLAMABAD - Despite the media reports pointing to an alarming rise in beggary and the governments claims of eradicating them, the growing number of street beggars in the twin cities not only create nuisance for commuters but also pose a serious security threat. Bunches of beggars divided in different age groups from minor children to the aged ones are seen wandering from place to place in search of alms. Their presence, which exposes the claims of police officials of having eradicated beggary, also invites potential chances of any possible security lapse in the form of suicide attacks or related terrorist activities. TheNation has observed that chances of possible attack by the terrorists in the garb of beggars are very high. The possibility pertaining to the terrorists carrying explosive materials or wearing suicide belts under the guise of generating alms could not be ruled out. Almost all the traffic signals, markets, bazaars, piazzas and even the residential areas are occupied by these beggars who use different tactics to obtain money from public. To the utmost surprise of many, the quarters concerned have turned a deaf ear to the vows of the residents of the twin cities being multiplied by these beggars. There have been several assurances made in media with regard to eradication of street crimes, beggary, one-wheeling and other criminal activities but the growing number of crimes, increased number of beggars and violation of traffic laws belie all these assurances. It has been witnessed that girls accompanied by men, in the garb of beggars, ring doorbells of people and ask for help. Such girls usually show up at a time when the housewives are alone and the male members are out of homes. Dozens of cases have been reported when robbers in the guise of beggars, managed to win the sympathies of simpleton housewives, broke into their houses and deprived them of cash, jewellery and other valuables and eventually killed them. Beggary is strongly inter-linked to the street crimes as countless gangs of looters operating in the residential areas are conducting their heinous activities under the cover of beggary. Recently, a serving army officer was deprived of hundreds of thousands of rupees as some burglars operating as beggars, broke into his house and played the trick. Another case came to limelight when the family of a senior bureaucrat (joint secretary) was deprived of jewellery and cash. When contacted, the police officials of different police stations of the twin cities narrated an exaggerative account of their efficiency. As per their routine practice, they made towering claims about eradicating street crimes and beggary. However, police station in charge in the Capital sounded nanve when he stated, When beggars see our vehicles approaching them they run away. Now you tell us what can we do?