ISLAMABAD - With the advent of summer, demand for sunglasses has gone up among people in order to protect their eyes from heat. Besides being used as a shield against heat sunglasses are also considered an outfit and means of fashion especially among youth both male and female. People from different walks of life while talking to TheNation at Jinnah Super Market, said everyone should use glasses because it helped shielding your eyes from heat and also gives you a cool looking. Ubaid Khan, a student said that he always used sunglasses while driving motorcycle to avoid air pressure and keep eyes safe from dust. One could see stalls of sunglasses set up by vendors across the twin cities along roadsides as well as in markets. The vendors try their best to attract customers while displaying counterfeit glasses. People prefer to buy sunglasses from the vendors who offered low prices and it seems that most of them use the glasses that offer a well apparent look without knowing its quality and side effects for their eyesight. Generally two types of sunglasses are available in the market, fake and the other is replica. They look so genuine that one can hardly distinguish whether it is fake or real one. Owners of sunglasses shop at Jinnah Super Market said some people were involved in the business of fake and replica sunglasses in order to earn huge money. The consistent use of fake sunglasses could damage eyesight as they were made of plastic and do not have any resistance to ultraviolet radiation of sun, Doctor Mohsin shah, who works at Shaheen Foundation that provides medicines to Military hospitals across the country, said while talking to TheNation. He said the sunglasses made of plastic could cause eye infection and imbalance the natural vision. He further said that one had to stress ones eyes while looking through the fake glasses, which could harm the retina. He suggested that before using glasses one must check it from an eye specialist in order to avoid any injury to one's eyes. -Hamid Hussain